Inter-cultural Intelligence

- Change Management - Project Management -
The globalisation process is the answer to the opening up of new markets and the internationalisation of exchanges. In this process change is inevitable. Companies who understand the economic, organisational, managerial and every-day work implications of this never-ending process, are focussing on "creating synergy and profit out of diversity".
SAM International, specialised in Intercultural Intelligence, supports companies who wish to define New Strategies of Global Management through processes.
These strategies destined to drive and accompany change, involve solving complex problems and dilemmas. Multi-national companies need to encourage their managers and staff to acquire change, i.e. inter-culturally and diversity-adapted competencies, a basis for collaborators to adapt to a continuously changing work environment.

- Innovation Projects - New Leadership - Mobility -
SAM International helps managers and teams to:
- Support companies during their Global Strategy process, to define, create, organise and drive the change
- Be more successful in the various stages of mergers, acquisitions and joint-ventures in an international context that is full of pitfalls
- Stimulate Competitivity and Innovation through the intercultural approach
- Acquire cross-cultural skills to manage successfully, internally international teams and externally virtual teams with different cultures.
- Set up constructive and synergic "bridges" between diverging cultural positions.
- Create an efficient personnel development structure, in particular for those with high potential.


- Satisfying our clients through the excellence of our skills and service.
- Responding to ongoing, increasingly international and multicultural requirements so as to guarantee the short- and long-term future of our clients.
- Transforming satisfied clients into enthusiastic partners through our scrupulous, confident, durable, uncompromising professionalism.

- Portraying a clear, positive, reciprocal company identity which guarantees balanced, transparent relationships with our clients.
- Improving our services by integrating the most up-to-date research in the training and coaching process.
- Encouraging long-lasting partnerships with our experts, whose commitment, diversity and authenticity will guarantee the company's future.


Intercultural Management Partners:
We have developed an international partnership network, based on the expertise and personal and professional experience of our expert consultants.
Our specialists offer a global view of European, American and Asian cultures and are capable of responding to your specific demands. All of our trainers and coaches, representing a wide range of nationalities and


Danemark Copenhaguen
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Germany Berlin - Frankfurt - Munich
Hungary Budapest
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Italy Milan
Poland Cracow
Russia Moscow
Spain Barcelona - Madrid
Sweden Stockholm

North América

Canada Calgary - Montréal - Toronto - Vancouver
Mexico Mexico
USA Atlanta - Los Angeles - New York - Seattle

skills, acquired their "hands-on" experience in large multinational groups at the highest levels of management.
They are capable of supporting high-level individuals and teams. Their know-how and enthusiasm guarantee the quality of our services and allow us to provide the appropriate response to the demands of our international client base to their native language. This specificity, combined with a high level of general knowledge, is the guarantee of perfectly reproduced and culturally adapted translations.


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Asia and Middle East

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