International manager training

  • Successful management of multicultural teams

    Successful management of multicultural teams
    Companies now implement teams which work on a multinational basis and carry out interdependent tasks.
    The challenge for these new organisations is to manage and optimise their way of working.»Information
  • International mobility

    International mobility
    Integration processes: discover, understand, act.
    - Expatriates and Impatriates
    - Host teams
    - Repatriation»Information
  • Individual or team coaching

    Individual or team coaching
    Transcultural coaching to achieve international efficiency in becoming a true “Global Player"»Information
  • International Leadership Coaching

    International Leadership Coaching
    Preparing or adapting a manager’s style for international responsibility. Leadership can be hierarchical or matrix-based and focuses on the management of a multicultural team in an industrial project, R&D or otherwise.»Information