Examples of possible Innovation Expeditions


Introduction to the French-speaking business culture of Quebec and the English-speaking business culture of Ontario.
Quebec is the cradle of French civilisation in North America but the business culture in entirely based on North American concepts.
Ontario is the automobile, paper and information technology sub-contracting province.

Innovation is present throughout Canada: at societal-level with the chosen immigration and at a research and development level with close collaboration between businesses and universities.

9-day touring programme taking in Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto


Today, India produces good results in the fields of high-technology and software. This high-tech sector is going through a phase of real expansion reaching growth levels of 30% per year since all the world's IT consultancy companies are "offshoring" all or part of their activity to India, of which Bangalore is the symbol.
There are nearly 450 computer businesses in Bangalore. Most of them have American and European clients. Software exports have been increasing by 60% per year for the last five years; they crossed the 3.7 billion euros mark in 2000 and are expected to reach 40 billion in 2008.
India is successful in many other sectors, such as generic drug manufacturing, media, (“Bollywood”) film production, steel (Mittal has acquired Arcelor and Tata Steel has bought out the English Corus) and aluminium (Aditya Birla has taken over Novalis).

9-day touring programme taking in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi


France is a very attractive country to foreign investors. Introduction to innovative France through its past, its culture, its luxury goods industries and also its manufacturing and engineering industries. Introduction to economic and structural transformations.

4-day touring programme in France taking in Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg


Introduction to Innovation in all its forms in the USA through its business culture, service, finance and high-technology.
Introduction to the East Coast and New York and also of the West Coast.
The creativity, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley enable us to understand and discover the sources of the capacity for innovation and the foundations of North American culture.

9-day touring programme taking in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Phoenix.

For whom

- General managers
- Members of executive committees
- Members of Steering Committees
- Strategy managers
- Senior executives
- Prospective senior and key managers