International mobility

Expatriate and Impatriate Training

SAM International acts in the capacity of expatriate and impatriate trainer-coach for making people aware, encouraging positive realisation and fostering a better understanding and acceptance of "foreign" cultures in order to get the best out of the differences that exist in relation to the native culture.

Thanks to an adapted training programme which combines a theoretical approach with the interactivity provided by practical exercises, role plays and videos, participants realise from the first day of training that, rather than rejecting cultural differences, the specificities of each culture should be used for the purposes of mutual enrichment.

Both individual and group work enriched with interviews, questionnaires, case studies and the presentation of similar situations already encountered in the target culture enable participants to realise their own perceptions and their styles of behaviour and managerial communication.

Host Team Training

It is all too rare that companies prepare host teams to benefit from the cultural wealth provided by new arrivals. "Local” collaborators, who are part of the prevailing culture, all too often expect impatriates to make the effort, to integrate and to adopt the behaviour, methods of communication and managerial style of the host country


SAM International prepares for what may seem a paradox: repatriation difficulties.
Professional reintegration, even if stipulated in the expatriation contract, is not automatically obvious. During their expatriation the manager has demonstrated a sense of responsibility and probably enjoyed significant or even complete autonomy. He or she is faced with several risks of frustration since returning to the headquarters will force them to “fit back into the mould” and the skills acquired during the period of expatriation will perhaps no longer be valued nor required in the new position which then seems inadequate.

On the more practical side of things, returning to the native country also means rediscovering one’s own country as certain things and ways of doing things will inevitably have changed after several years’ absence.

For whom

- Expatriates and Impatriates
- Collaborators involved in short-term mobility
- Host teams
- Expatriates returning to the native country
- Training manager
- International mobility manager


These seminars are tailor-made according to the needs and objectives of the company.
Generally speaking, the beginning of the discovery is based on the native culture of the participants, then the “target" culture is introduced in relation to this.


Led by the best international experts. Our trainers and coaches, of various nationalities and with various skills, have all acquired “field” experience in large multinational groups at high hierarchical levels. Their expertise and enthusiasm guarantee the quality of our seminars and enable them to pertinently respond to the demands of our international clientele.