Examples of possible Learning Expeditions


This Learning Expedition aims to introduce India, which will, in a few years, be the most populated country in the world and which is experiencing an economic growth rate above 8% per year. This economy is endured by twenty-five Indian businesses who are today playing with the big players as multinational companies. India attracts foreign companies but a new phenomenon now sees Indian businessmen acquiring Western companies.

Production in the field of high-technology and India’s success in the knowledge economy will be the pillars of this cultural immersion.

9-day touring programme taking in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi


Introduction to Finland through its culture of silence, its massive needs in terms of energy related to the paper industry and the need for heating, its high-tech computer science businesses and its industry which is a global leader in terms of productivity. It’s education/training is ranked first in the PISA study’s world ranking.

4-day touring programme taking in Helsinki, Pori and Rovaniemi.


Introduction to Germany through its past, its culture, its manufacturing industry and its engineering.
Preparation of managers for social dialogue and an introduction to Germany’s economic strength thanks to its SMEs, innovation and creativity.

4-days touring programme in Germany taking in Berlin, Nuremburg and Frankfurt am Main.


Introduction to Spain through its past, its culture, its agricultural and wine industries and the luxury goods and manufacturing industries.

4-day touring programme taking in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Valencia.

For whom

- General managers
- Members of executive committees
- Members of Steering Committees
- Strategy managers
- Senior executives
- Prospective senior and key managers