What is a Business Expedition?

A Business Expedition is a global immersion in the country whose business culture the participant must become familiar with.
It is the best and most professional organised means of preparation for efficient collaboration in the framework of a large international project.
It is the best preparation, in the shortest space of time, for an acquisition, a merger, a cooperation, an international mission or discovering new management and service styles and marketing practices.
The task involves intensive relaxation.

Our clients' objectives

- To increase the turnover and profit of their international subsidiaries.
- To meet objectives: timeframe, cost and quality where large international projects are concerned
- To optimise synergy in an international context.
- To establish a new marketing approach, gather information on competitors, etc.

In this context, a team of experts organises, run and provide a continuous pedagogical framework throughout the trip which is custom designed in accordance with the objectives defined together.

- Introduction to significant economic towns and regions.
- Meetings with leaders, experts, politicians, intellectuals, managers and journalists.
- Visits to very focused and very successful companies including meetings with their managers.
- Bench-marking.
- Workshop, team work, guided exchanges and discussions.

For whom

- General managers
- Members of executive committees
- Members of Steering Committees
- Strategy managers
- Senior executives
- Prospective senior and key managers


Led by the best international experts. Our trainers and coaches, of various nationalities and with various skills, have all acquired “field” experience in large multinational groups at high hierarchical levels. Their expertise and enthusiasm guarantee the quality of our seminars and enable them to pertinently respond to the demands of our international clientele.