Examples of possible Business Expeditions


Introduction to Chinese business culture through its age-old past and culture, the global offshore automobile industry and economic and financial development.
It was also important to realise that henceforth it is Chinese companies that are involved in acquisitions in Europe.

9-day touring programme taking in Peking, Xi’an, Wuhan, Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Introduction to this small population which makes for a large nation: Sweden.
Reflection upon its consensus culture and its industry, which is a leader in terms of productivity. Its education/training holds the top place in the PISA study rankings.
Innovation and design are driving forces of the economy.

4-day touring programme taking in Stockholm, Gävle, Gothenburg.


Introduction to Germany through its past, its culture, its manufacturing industry and its engineering.
Preparation of managers for social dialogue and an introduction to Germany’s economic strength thanks to its SMEs, innovation and creativity.

4-days touring programme in Germany taking in Berlin, Nuremburg and Frankfurt am Main.


Introduction to the USA through its business culture, service, finance and high-technology.
Introduction to the East Coast and New York and also of the West Coast.
The creativity, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley enable us to understand and discover the sources of the capacity for innovation and the foundations of North American culture.

9-day touring programme taking in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Phoenix.

For whom

- General managers
- Members of executive committees
- Members of Steering Committees
- Strategy managers
- Senior executives
- Prospective senior and key managers