Working efficiently with a Franco-German team

- This seminar enables French and German managers to work efficiently together.
- Over these two days, the keys to understanding French and German business culture will be introduced, analysed and simulated.
- Management and organisational styles will be looked at in reflection in order to create a synergy.
- The training will help to build the “cultural bridges” necessary for the smooth functioning of daily professional life.

For whom

- General managers
- Merger/acquisition managers
- Sales and marketing, export and HR managers
- International mobility managers
- Communication managers
- International project managers


- Increased efficiency of all employees working within multicultural teams.
- Rapid understanding of the origins and distinctive features of German culture and acquisition of German communication and management keys and tools.
- Efficient management of local multicultural teams or distance management of virtual Franco-German teams.
- Maintenance of a France-Germany interface.


1-What is culture?
- The intercultural experiences of the participants
- Culture/Cultures
- The intercultural iceberg
- The 14 intercultural “business” aspects

2-Introduction to France and Germany
- Main historical, geographical, philosophical and religious landmarks
- Political, economical, social and organisational context
- Education systems

3-Understanding French and German values
- Regionalism and federalism versus power centralisation
- Collective interest relationships, individualism, discipline, risk
- The "German harshness" and the French “composure”
- Cartesian spirit
- Ideals
- Heros

4-Thought and communication methods

- Global thought versus sequential thought
- Abstract/concrete; conceptual/pragmatism
- The Explicit and Implicit aspects of both cultures
- The Germans’ too direct communication and the French’s indirect (incomprehensible) communication
- The German specialists and the French generalists
- The approach to time

5-Life in business
- Corporate spirit
- French trade unions and German staff representatives
- Responsibility and decision-making
- Leadership and hierarchy
- Status and skills
- Planning and procedures
- Time management: priorities, deadlines
- Information

6-End of seminar
- Identifying your personal challenges
- Reading recommendations
- Conclusions and evaluation


Led by the best international experts. Our trainers and coaches, of various nationalities and with various skills, have all acquired “field” experience in large multinational groups at high hierarchical levels. Their expertise and enthusiasm guarantee the quality of our seminars and enable them to pertinently respond to the demands of our international clientele.


- The SAM International seminars are custom designed according to the needs and objectives of the participants.
- The above programme represents the framework of a typical seminar which is then adapted according to the client’s specific requirements.
- The frequently requested working languages are French, English, German, Polish, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese or another language on request.
- The seminars take place on the client’s premises or in a carefully chosen place to aid innovation and relaxation.