Synergy and wealth of diversity

- This seminar enables the term 'Diversity' to be defined and the various types of diversity, their relevance and their impacts on the company to be understood. The globalised world needs increasingly varied resources. The integration of the latter requires a clear strategy and the support of all management and staff in the creation of a common future with new values.
- Over these two days, diversity will be presented and analysed in all its forms.
- We will practically transfer this to each company’s circumstances in order to determine its "best form of diversity”, the strategy, the implications for the management, communication, the values and behaviour of the managers and of all the staff.

For whom

- General managers
- Diversity Managers
- HR Managers
- Communications managers
- International project managers


- Understanding the various forms of Diversity along with their relevance and their impacts
- Determining the "best form of diversity" strategy adapted to each business.
- Determining new values reflecting Diversity
- Gaining the confidence and support of the staff
- Changing behaviour and communication
- Adapting the management style
- Recruiting and building loyal relationships with people who bring Diversity


1-Diversity/ies: a definition
Many different definitions of the types of Diversity exist:
- Diversity in France
- Diversity in a French company
- with foreign subsidiaries
- with foreign clients
- with the aim of increasing "the female ratio”
- with a growing female clientele
- with bio-products and services
- with services and products for disabled people
- with services and products for seniors

2-The future of the WMASP (white male Anglo-Saxon protestant) approach in globalised business
- From the Industrial Revolution: for the last two centuries right up until the present day
- Lacking resources
- From 2009 towards a globalised and diversified future

3-Values and behaviour
- Restriction or will to diversify?
- Impact on pyramidal concepts (France)
and others: more hierarchical or more egalitarian?
- Impact on strategy
- Impact on decision-making
- Impact on the approach to time
- Impact on communication
- Psychology of change
- Fears and prejudices: how to overcome them
- How to successfully and profitably diversify

4- DIVERSITY in my company
- Analysis of needs and challenges
- What to do and what not to do
- Continuing
- Recruiting and building loyal relationships with colleagues
- Capitalising on diversity and the new way of working: considering difference, increasing innovation and gaining more clients
- Conclusions and evaluation


Led by the best international experts. Our trainers and coaches, of various nationalities and with various skills, have all acquired “field” experience in large multinational groups at high hierarchical levels. Their expertise and enthusiasm guarantee the quality of our seminars and enable them to pertinently respond to the demands of our international clientele.


- The SAM International seminars are custom designed according to the needs and objectives of the participants.
- The above programme represents the framework of a typical seminar which is then adapted according to the client’s specific requirements.
- The frequently requested working languages are French, English, German, Polish, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese or another language on request.
- The seminars take place on the client’s premises or in a carefully chosen place to aid innovation and relaxation.